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Transportation / Pick Up Procedures

For your child's safety and because we are providing limited transportation and due to the heavy volume of traffic, we are unable to make individual stops.  Times of stops can fluctuate due to weather, traffic, and waiting on other parents. If you have any questions pertaining to transportation, please call the Camdenton R-III Transportation Department at 346-9292.

Please remember, discipline problems will not be tolerated in Project PASS, which includes transportation.  If a student is sent to the office by a bus driver, he/she is subject to immediate suspension from the Project PASS program.

Clipart of a generic driver license

From the Camdenton R-III Afterschool Director

Parent Pick Up Procedures

 All parents must enter their student's building and sign the student out with the  Afterschool Site Coordinator.  Students will only be released to those individuals that were designated as an approved pick-up person on enrollment forms.  Have your ID with you at pick-up time (Please and Thank You!) IDs are required for the safety of your child.

Bus Pick Up Procedures

Bus drop-off times will vary due to many factors such as traffic, attendance, and weather.  Please be sitting at your child's drop-off point waiting for the bus.  If you are late please remember that up to 50 other parents are inconvenienced while the bus waits for you.  If you are going to be late please call the transportation office at 346-9292 to make arrangements to meet the bus at another stop.  Please go to the bus door and show your ID to the driver for the safety of your student.  Students will not be released to anyone that is not listed as an approved pick-up person on your child's enrollment form. 

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